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Aldi Is Selling A Budget Hot Tub, So Even If You're Skint It's Pool Party Time

Aldi Is Selling A Budget Hot Tub, So Even If You're Skint It's Pool Party Time

It actually looks legit.

James Dawson

James Dawson

I approve of anywhere where you can get a four-pack of beer for £2 and 70cl of vodka for under a tenner - so it will come as little surprise that I think Aldi is fucking sick.

But the supermarket has managed to out-do itself as summer approaches, not only will they be offering the cheapest way to get pissed in your back garden, they're also offering you the opportunity of moving the party into a hot-tub for a fraction of the usual installation price.

In fact, you could be relaxing in your garden in a bargain hot tub in just a few weeks as the budget supermarket chain is releasing their very own Spa Pool on 9 April.

The author's weekly shop at Aldi. Credit: Instagram

It's a four-person blow-up hot tub and it's actually kind of sizeable measuring in at 196cm across and 71cm deep.

The hot tub might be pretty cheap but it comes with all the same features as the ones that would cost you a fortune:

  • 120 air jets.
  • 2200W heater.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Integrated limescale protection system.
  • Rigid 3-way laminated vinyl with patented.
  • Fiber-Tech:copyright: construction.
  • Capacity approx. 795 litres.
  • A lockable insulating cover aids security and helps to keep heating costs to a minimum.

Credit: Aldi

We reached out to Aldi for more information and they informed us that the Spa Pool will be available for just £399.99.

Wowza - you can't beat that price.

This article was inspired by Pretty 52.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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