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Burger King Employees Busted Dealing Weed At The Drive-Through

Burger King Employees Busted Dealing Weed At The Drive-Through

Oh dear oh dear.

Two American Burger King employees were busted for drug-dealing through the fast food restaurant.

Garrett "Nasty Boy" Norris, 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were allegedly selling marijuana to customers, who requested their fries to be made "extra crispy," according to Seacoast Online.

This Burger King is located in Epping, New Hampshire, a town with a population of just over 6,000. Norris was an employee and Dearborn was an assistant manager, and the pair would hand the weed through the drive-thru window to customers.

Saturday, the undercover policeman pulled up to the drive-thru, asked if Nasty Boy was working, and placed an "extra crispy" order. Norris then handed him his order, followed by a coffee cup filled with weed.

Credit: PA Images

Both Norris, who was found to have marijuana stored in his personal property, and Dearborn face charges, and both were released on $2,500 bail. They'll be arraigned Feb 22.

Norris faces charges of possession of an unlawful substance and intent to distribute, while Dearborn has been charged with conspiracy to distribute and unlawful possession of alcohol.

America's first drive-through recreational marijuana shop was opened in Oregon, so the pair should probably think about moving their business there.

This isn't the first time we've heard of suspicious goings on in fast food outlets involving sweet Mary Jane.

Weed Fries Served To A Four-Year-Old

Back in October, an American mum who visited a Wendy's filed a police report shortly after, claiming her four-year-old daughter's fries had been laced with weed.

Dezeray Risner said she ordered french fries for her daughter who said they 'tasted funny'. Risner then took pictures of the chip that she says shows there was marijuana mixed in with them.

In response, the mum called the manager of the store who said nobody at the restaurant had marijuana. So she went to the Huber Heights Police Department to show officers what she found and to file a complaint.

Police say they opened the bag and could smell a 'strong odour of marijuana' and saw a 'green leafy vegetation' on the fries.

Credit: 2 News

Officials say they then went to the Wendy's and spoke with employees and the shift manager. Two employees admitted they smoke marijuana but, after consented searches, officials say they did not find any marijuana at the store.

The officer asked the manager if there was surveillance footage that shows the food prep area, but there wasn't.

A Wendy's spokesperson said: "In response to Ms. Thompson's Facebook Post, please know all of our customers as well as the quality and integrity of our food are a top priority at Wendy's and we are taking this very seriously.

We are currently conducting a thorough internal investigation and the Human Resource and Legal departments are both fully cooperating with police in their investigation. We will get to the bottom of this issue as soon as possible. It is as important to us as it is to the community."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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