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House Containing The 'Ultimate Man Cave' Is On Sale For £180,000

House Containing The 'Ultimate Man Cave' Is On Sale For £180,000

Wowza, just look at it.

James Dawson

James Dawson

It looks like any normal terraced house from the outside, but once you get inside you see that Stephen Jennings' home is anything but ordinary.

Inside he has created the 'ultimate man cave' with plaster cherubs, ornate chandeliers and seven TVs.

It's in Manchester and what's more it's on the market right now.

Take a look at it here:

Credit: MEN Media

Stephen, who has put the North Manchester property up for sale has spent nearly 20 years renovating it - and spent a whopping £250,000.

The retired builder has made a lot of the unique features by hand, including granite-effect ceilings and a breakfast table made from a church pew.

Divorced Stephen, 65, has reluctantly put his home up for sale as it's too big for him.

It has an asking price of £180,000 - and will include all furnishings.

Stephen, who moved in back in 2000, said he's only planning to take his clothes.

The dad-of-two said: "I built this house to die in. The front door is extra wide to carry my coffin out.

"It was alright when I was married. It is too big now, it is only me and the two cats so now I am down-sizing.

"I think I have spent £250,000 renovating it. I don't go out much, I don't go out drinking or clubbing.

"Instead of going on holiday we spent £3,000 on a new oven for the kitchen.

"My favourite room has to be the man cave, I spend all of my time there."

Credit: MEN Media

Credit: MEN Media

Stephen's first job was to extend the house to allow for a bigger kitchen and a back room so he could watch the football in style.

The extra room, which Stephen describes as his 'man cave', features a TV fitted into the wall, a unique metal ringed radiator and zebra print furnishings.

Stephen has fitted a granite-effect ceiling in the kitchen, crafted a breakfast table from a church pew and hand painted cupboards to fit the black and white theme.

The living room has been made into two large rooms, with another flat screen fitted into the fire place.

Plaster cherubs, designed by Stephen, contain flowers and have fitted mood lighting.

A four-poster bed, fitted wardrobes and plush red carpets have been added to the master bedroom.

Credit: MEN Media

Credit: MEN Media

Credit: MEN Media

Stephen has created a spa-style bathroom in the back bedroom, which includes a huge jacuzzi bath, zebra print chairs and yet another television.

On the first floor Stephen has lowered all of the ceilings to create a second floor, which he has left as a blank canvas.

For another £10,000, Stephen is offering to renovate the loft room to the buyer's wishes.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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