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Hero Lorry Driver Stops Runaway Van With His HGV In Incredible Footage

Hero Lorry Driver Stops Runaway Van With His HGV In Incredible Footage

This is amazing.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A heroic lorry driver saved a motorist's life and avoided a multi-car pile-up by using his HGV to trap a runaway van.

Russell Dagless, 53, managed to trap the van against the central reservation and even gave the stricken driven first aid until medics could arrive.

The driver of the van had lost consciousness at the wheel due to a brain bleed, meaning the vehicle was completely out of control, until Russell's quick thinking.

Russell has now won a top award for his bravery, which was caught on the dashcam of another road user. Watch the footage below:

Credit: SWNS

The Royal Humane Society awarded Russell a Testimonial on Vellum award for his actions, which the Society described as 'like a scene from an all-action movie' showing 'incredible courage'.

Russell said: "Something had to be done. Looking back at it, it just seemed the natural thing to do at the time, so the dangerous side didn't really fall into my mind.

"The guy had to be brought to halt - what you see on the video was the last part of it - when we first came across him he was travelling a lot faster.

"This guy was seriously, seriously, lucky for the people who were around him. He was already up against the barrier when I came across him, there were several cars in front who undertook the incident and disappeared which then allowed me to pull up beside him.

"He was absolutely collapsed - his head was down below the steering wheel on the driver's door. The two guys who were following us were first aiders, they obviously knew more first aid than myself and at that point I stood back.

Credit: SWNS

"Just after that a fireman turned up who had better first aid training, and five minutes after that a young lady turned up who was an off-duty paramedic.

"He didn't look right so I pulled up beside him and out of my side window. I could see he was collapsed and he was resting on the driver's door, no hands on the wheel.

"Hero is a very, very strong word, I just had the right leg on at the exact right point. It's very nice to have recognition for what you do - when I was first told about it, I thought it would just be a certificate. I didn't realise the enormity of the award I was being given.

Credit: SWNS

"That's made me feel very very humble - yes, I'm the one who got on and did it, but I would like to think that anyone who would be in the same position would have done similar."

Dick Wilkinson, secretary of the Royal Humane Society, said: "This was like a scene from an all-action movie. It showed incredible courage and resourcefulness to instantly assess the scene and take the action he did.

"This incident could have resulted in carnage but instead no one was hurt and only two vehicles were involved, thanks to the amazing action of Mr Dagless. He richly deserves the award."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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