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Rob Brydon's Mick Jagger Impression Is Absolutely Hilarious

Rob Brydon's Mick Jagger Impression Is Absolutely Hilarious

Harry Styles appeared alongside Rob Brydon on the Graham Norton show last night.

With rumours amuck that the former One Direction member will play Mick Jagger in an upcoming biopic, Brydon decided to give Styles some tip on how to portray the Rolling Stones legend.

Having previously gone viral for his impressions of Michael Caine and Sean Connery, the Welsh comedian decided it was time to get his Jagger swag on.

Watch his hilarious impression of the singer, here...


Rob Brydon also revealed that he once had one of his famous impression contests with the Rolling Stone himself.

Style was later asked by Graham Norton if there was any truth to the reports that he would be playing Jagger, although he did not confirm the rumour, his smile seemed to indicate that something could be in the works.

I tell you what this isn't the first time the show has produced some hilarious moments - it's like Graham's running a banter factory at the BBC or something, you never know what's going to come down the production line next.

A couple popped up on The Graham Norton Show a couple of weeks back and it was hilarious.


Taking to Graham's red seat dad-to-be Valerio said: "I'm here tonight to surprise my beautiful wife Alma." He then went on to explain that she was pregnant with their first child, before saying that they were yet to know whether they were having a boy or girl.

As he didn't want to know, but his missus did the couple got the doctor to write down the sex on a piece of paper and when a suitable special occasion arrived they would open it. Tonight was the night.

Well, appearing on The Graham Norton Show is a special occasion, isn't it? Not every day you appear on national TV, is it? So, a special occasion, yeah?

Isn't it? Well, whatever we think, Valerio thought it was.

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Here is holding the life-changing piece of paper. How exciting.

The Graham Norton Show/BBC

The camera pans to Alma who has the biggest smile on her face, at long-last her wait is over and she's about to find out the gender of her beloved exciting...she's probably picking out names in her head as Valerio, with shaking hands, attempts to open the paper.


A beautiful moment, in front of all these people.

And then...

Credit: The Graham Norton Show/BBC


For fuck's sake, Graham. A quick chair flip and Valerio's gone. Still, at least his guests enjoyed it.

Proving he's not a complete bastard the cheeky Irish host then invited Valerio back on to reveal that the couple were expecting a little girl.

Featured Image Credit: BBC / Graham Norton

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