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Runner Drinks A Beer For Every Mile Of Half Marathon And Smashes It

James Dawson

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Runner Drinks A Beer For Every Mile Of Half Marathon And Smashes It

Okay right, so I probably don't need to tell you that there's a trend in modern society for people go to the gym rather than go to the pub.

If you're somebody who still likes going out and getting rat-arsed over getting on a fucking cross-trainer, then you'll probably have noticed it: pubs and bars generally are getting deader and deader.

In fact, there's a stat that pubs are closing at the rate of 27 per week - which is not good. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no it's not.


So anyway, with this all in mind I suppose you're going to think I'm going to lecture you on how health is over-rated and it's time for people to get back to pints of Guinness and pork scratchings - but no you'd be wrong.

Actually what I'm saying is that maybe we need a bit of compromise, you know what I mean, maybe we can keep on this societal-wide health kick whilst we also go back to getting hammered.

What am I suggesting?

Well, here's a prototype of what I'm thinking provided by a bloke in America ...

So what do we have there then?

My sources tell me that the man in the video is Emmet Farnan, a college senior.

He took the concept of the beer mile and applied it to the half marathon by slamming a beer for every mile. In case you don't know what a 'beer mile' is, it's where a runner drinks a beer for every lap on a 400-meter track whilst running - you've guessed it - a mile.

Farnan managed to complete the race in 1:43:42, which is impressive even if you're not drunk.

So what are we saying then pals, are we all about to quit the sesh and/or the gym, and instead amalgamate the two and do this kind of 'lets get pissed but lets also get fit' shit instead?

And for all those people who do love a pint, GoEuro has put together a list of the cheapest places in the world to pick up a beer, both at the bar or in a supermarket.

For the second year in a row Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, has come out on top.

You can get a 33cl bottle of beer at the shops for 51 US cents (41p). On average, you can get the same sized beer at the pub for $2.80 (£2.25).

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Emmet Farnan

Topics: Alcohol, Drinking

James Dawson
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