Teenagers Risk Death For Hollow Validation Of Social Media Engagement

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Teenagers Risk Death For Hollow Validation Of Social Media Engagement

Oh my God, what's becoming of society? It's just like on that programme Black Mirror done by that Charlie Booker, isn't it? We're slowly becoming slaves to technology, stooped over our phones, desperate for the validation of a like or a comment or a view or a click.

Whatever next? What madness will be born from the evil that is social media? Where next will our broken world crumble further under the Internet's foot?

Beneath a train in the Czech Republic, apparently.


Credit: FTV Prima

In the video, thought to be filmed in the north western city of Usti nad Labem, two teenagers lie beneath a train as it travels down a track at high speed.

They filmed themselves doing it in order to get 'likes' on social media sites.

Railway bosses in the country have said that the pair could have died if the train had been travelling faster than it was.


Explaining how narrowly they survived, Martin Drapal, from the Railway Inspection, said: "There's a danger that the wind created by the coming train can raise the clothes. The clothes can catch underneath the train. If the train goes at 60 to 70 kph (37 to 43 mph), it can be fatal."

Luckily for them they weren't killed, however Czech Railways is now searching for the pair to issue them with a fine.

The fine could cost them anything from 2,000 (£65) to 10,000 CZK (£325).

Featured image credit: FTV Prima

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