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Paulie Malignaggi Tells Conor McGregor To ‘Bring His Balls’ To Mayweather Fight

Paulie Malignaggi Tells Conor McGregor To ‘Bring His Balls’ To Mayweather Fight

Tensions are definitely reaching fever pitch

A lot has been said about the relationship between Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor ahead of the Irishman's fight with Floyd Mayweather. The man they call 'The Notorious' brought the former IBF Junior Welterweight and WBA Welterweight champion into Camp McGregor as a sparring partner; but things seemed to go sour as Paulie left after two sessions, citing personal differences with the way things were being handled as the reason why he dropped out.

While he maintained that he and Conor had nothing but respect for each other inside the ring, it seems like a different story outside.

Reporters swarmed on the pair when they encountered each other in Las Vegas.

Conor could be heard telling Paulie to 'get over it', while the former boxing champ hit back, saying 'bring your balls'. It looked like they could still be warring over the allegations that Conor whooped Paulie's ass in their training sessions.

The rumours grew to such a level that Paulie issued a statement on Twitter.

He also told Sky Sports: "McGregor gets angry because boxing has not accepted him, but would an MMA fighter accept a boxer walking into their sport claiming that they are the best when he's never done it in his life? That's the situation with McGregor in boxing - he is being laughed at and it is only getting worse as each video of a public workout or him shadow boxing is released.

"He maybe even planned to make me disgruntled before we even got in the ring. I had situations where I would show up to the gym just to be told I wasn't allowed to train and I was put in a house that didn't even have cable TV.

"Was it all done to create trash talk? He has been dragging this all along for some reason."

Meanwhile, McGregor has claimed that he has what it takes to knock out Mayweather in 10 seconds during this weekend's bout.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: "We are prepared for every possible outcome.

"Part of me wants to show some skill and dismantle him that way. I'm ready to put him away in the first 10 seconds."

There are only a few days left and the trash talk is definitely not over.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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