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Eddie Hall Wins World's Strongest Man 2017

Eddie Hall Wins World's Strongest Man 2017

Eddie Hall has became the first British man to win the World's Strongest Man since Gary Taylor in 1993.

However, he then followed his victory by announcing his retirement from the sport - at least, at international level.

Fans will be glad to know that he will continue competing in the UK.

Here's the moment that sealed it for the big man...


Credit: Instagram

The 29-year-old, from Stoke-on-Trent, was competing in Botswana against Hafþór Björnsson, also known as 'Thor' - against whom he clinched victory by a single point.

The result came after Thor 'double dipped' during the Viking Press round, resulting in Hall's opponent being deducted a point.


The result was payback for Hall, after Thor - who has also found fame as The Mountain in TV's Game of Thrones - beat him to win Europe's Strongest Man earlier this year.

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Hall was confident ahead of the contest, when he sat down with LADbible for an interview earlier this month.

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His personal bests include a 500kg deadlift (world record), a 405kg squat, and a 1000kg leg press (10 reps). Yet despite that, he admitted he still wouldn't go head-to-head with a certain boxer in the ring.

The 29-year-old, who supported Anthony Joshua in his recent fight against Wladimir Klitschko, said he's scared of the man who is likely to AJ's next opponent.

Credit: Official Strongman / YouTube


"I wouldn't mess with Tyson Fury in 100 years," Hall said. "I had a sparring bout with his cousin, Huey Fury, and he only hit me two or three times within a minute and I wanted to get the fuck out of the ring.

"When you go up against a pro boxer, even getting hit with a slight jab is like being hit full on in the face by a normal person.

"I'm pretty sure Tyson would fuck me up!"

If you're wondering how you get to be as hench as him, he also gave an insight into his diet.


"It's a pretty simple diet, a balanced diet," he said. "A good mix of proteins, fats and carbs. It's just four times the amount - if you have a bowl of porridge for breakfast, I'll have a bucket. Those are the kind of extremities you go to.

"You have steak and chips for dinner, I'll have two steaks and two portions of chips with a cheesecake for pudding. You've got to get the volume in there, not only to maintain the size but get bigger as well. I've never skipped leg day, not from day one."

Well done on your victory, Eddie - you've done Britain proud.

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