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Judging By His Diet, Mayweather Is Feeling Confident Ahead Of The Fight

Judging By His Diet, Mayweather Is Feeling Confident Ahead Of The Fight

“Burger King baby, what’s up?”

Judging by his pre-fight meal preparation, Floyd Mayweather is feeling pretty confident about his upcoming match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

As you're probably aware, he's taking on UFC fighter Conor McGregor and although most boxers generally use the final week before a fight to fine-tune their weight, the undefeated (49-0) boxer seems a lot more chill in new footage.

Watch it here:

Beaming with a mouthful of fast food, the 40-year-old talks a whole load of smack about the Irishman.

"Burger King baby, what's up?" he says.

"I need to eat Burger King, keep that weight on. I'm so scared of Conor McGregor. I'm so scared.

"I just wanna say thank you to Dana White for bringing that bastard to the table."

Credit: PA

It also looks like Conor McGregor is feeling pretty confident before the showdown. Has said that he plans on flooring Floyd Mayweather Jr 'in 10 seconds'.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: "We are prepared for every possible outcome.

"Part of me wants to show some skill and dismantle him that way. I'm ready to put him away in the first 10 seconds."

The build-up to the fight has been bigger than any in boxing history, as MMA star McGregor switches to boxing to fight the former world champion.

The odds on McGregor winning have shortened, although 'Money' Mayweather is still the big favourite.

McGregor, who was once as long as 6/1 to win, is now 3/1 with some bookmakers, while Mayweather has seen his odds come down from 1/6 to 1/4.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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