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Facebook Has Revealed Its Plans For Virtual Reality Social Media

Facebook Has Revealed Its Plans For Virtual Reality Social Media

This is pretty cool.

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled what he hopes will be the future of Facebook and it's like something from Tron.

A couple of years ago Zuckerberg splashed out an eye-watering $2 billion on a virtual reality company and he's now let us all know what he plans to do with it.

'Facebook of the Future' (that's what I'm calling it, if he tries to nick that you read it here first), is less of a social media page and more an entire virtual reality which will allow users to interact via a VR character and will be able to enjoy playing games and hanging out with other people who aren't really there.

Zuckerberg strapped on his VR helmet and entered a new world alongside two members of Facebook staff to show audiences the kind of stuff we could look forward to. At one point he even used a virtual selfie stick making him a virtual bellend.

We've come a long way since the days of being groomed in Habbo Hotel, haven't we?

There's been no formal announcement about when this will happen, but the Independent reports that Zuckerberg has plans for VR on Facebook in the 'near future' by live-streaming games into virtual reality.

This doesn't do it for me, because the main appeal of VR is not having to deal with other people, but what do you guys think?

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