Bug On All iPhones Could Break Handset With Just One Press

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Bug On All iPhones Could Break Handset With Just One Press

Apple is yet to work out how to fix the latest bug affecting its devices. There's been a long history of glitches affecting iPhones and according to the Daily Star it appears to affect every device working on any iOS.

This latest bug happens when you swipe up to show the phone's control centre. If you press three of the options at once then your device freezes and won't respond to anything.

Now, I was intrigued to see whether this actually worked but didn't want to use my phone just in case it broke forever. Everyone in the office was also pretty reluctant, but luckily there is one hero out there who has uploaded a video showing how it's done and what happens after.

Check it out here:


Credit: YouTube/Kevin N

Sometimes the bug will cause you phone to restart and other times you have to manually reboot it.

While this won't completely break your phone, it can be pretty annoying if one of your mates does it to you. But it won't be nearly as annoying as the 'effective power' text message which was doing the rounds about two years ago.


Holy shit, I cannot express how annoying this was, mainly because my mates would use this whenever I needed my phone for work or an important call.

If you've never seen it then all you needed to do was send the text message to someone and it would reboot any iPhone.


According to 9to5Mac, the device would crash because the banner notifications would give up after trying to process the Unicode text.

There was another annoying text message being sent last year which also caused iPhones to crash. This one involved sending a white flag, a zero and a rainbow flag. There were two versions to this bug, one which crashed the phone once and the other caused the device to continually freeze and shut down.

If you thought there weren't enough bugs to crash your phone well then you'd be mistaken. There was also a video being sent around which, again, caused your phone to slow down and then freeze altogether.

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