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Google Has Unveiled Its New Phone And It Looks Pretty Cool

Google Has Unveiled Its New Phone And It Looks Pretty Cool

'Pixel', the new phone fully designed by Google, has been unveiled.

The phone doesn't look dramatically different from any other phone currently on the market but the real difference is the 'Assistant'.


The 'Assistant' is a bit like Siri, but powered by Google - so it knows every-fucking-thing.

Google claims Assistant is quicker to understand and find information that Siri. It will use Google maps, check your Gmail messages and calendar and send messages.

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You can also 'substantially' charge the phone in just 15 minutes, which is pretty cool. And it's the first phone to be fully compatible with Google's new Daydream View virtual reality headset.

The camera is the 'best ever made' according to an industry watchdog and comes with unlimited full-size storage on Google photos, the Independent reports.


It also has an easy transfer system, which means you can drag all your old messages and numbers from your old handset to your new one.

Oh, yeah, and it's got a headphone jack.

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