A New Mysterious Monolith Has Popped Up In California
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New Jet Could Fly From London To New York In 20 Minutes

New Jet Could Fly From London To New York In 20 Minutes

A futuristic plane may be able to offer flights from London to New York in 20 minutes, according to its designer.

The jet, which is called the Antipode, is a concept thought up by Canadian designer Charles Bombardier (that's a classic designer name).

It would work by using a technique called 'long penetration mode' *raises eyebrow* to enable the aircraft to hit speeds not yet possible.

This will be achieved by using rocket boosters to reach 40,000 feet and then kick of its 'supersonic combustion ramjet engine' to help shift at 10 times faster than the pace of Concorde, or 21 times the speed of sound.


The Antipode would be able to fly at speeds of 16,000 mph. I'm no scientist, but wouldn't that kill you? Anyway, this bad boy would be able to carry 10 passengers and could complete a circuit of the world in less than an hour-and-a-half.

Speaking to the BBC, Charles said: "The idea of going from New York to London in, say 20 minutes - that's what I think really grabbed people.

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Supersonic Plane Could Fly From New York To London In Less Than Four Hours

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"It's always something that people would like - a transportation system that could take you from one place on the planet to the other side."

Yes, it is. I can confirm that. Don't get too excited, though, the designer says that, for now at least, it's just a concept.


He added: "I know that it's not going to lead to the exact aircraft at the end, but it might help to develop new technologies and new processes."

If, like me, you'd be slightly worried, then don't. Charles has that covered by fitting counter-flowing jets of air on its leading edges to reduce heat and sonic shockwave.

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