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​Someone's Discovered A Donkey Kong 64 Rainbow Coin 17 Years On

​Someone's Discovered A Donkey Kong 64 Rainbow Coin 17 Years On

Ah, Donkey Kong. Cute but angry gorilla bounces about islands looking for coins in the '99 video game, where he saved his friends from a evil green gremlins. So '90s. And still apparently relevant?

Some superfan called Isotarge has apparently discovered a new rainbow coin that no one else knew existed. The video about this extraordinary feat of obsession has over 300,000 views in only a few days. I did not know people were still into Donkey Kong.


So what is a rainbow coin and why should we care?

It's a rare collectable which is worth 25 banana coins, obviously.

Each island has a few rainbow coins. Donkey Kong Isles had seven rainbow coins, Angry Aztec had two rainbow coins and Funghi Forest now has two rainbow coins. Finally!

Rainbow coins were a big deal because you could buy guns, moves and play the Frantic factory which you wanted to do more than anything, natch.


Usually rainbow coins are in plain sight, but this one was hidden under some grass and even if you walked over the grass, you might not even realise. Someone had to run a special programme to find it and now people are flipping out.

This new rainbow coin has invalidated some fan theories but in general nothing groundchanging has happened.

But on YouTube there are a lot of people saying that actually, they had known about it all along and it wasn't such a big deal. Andre Benoit wrote: "If i knew no one knew about this coin I would have shared it long ago." Very generous of him.

Credit: PA Images

J hrk said "I found it before. Speedrunners are morons."

Speedrunners are players who run through a game with the intention of completing it as fast as possible, and it seems that j hrk does not approve - he says he found the second rainbow coin years ago.

LinktrollV2 pours doubt on the whole thing: "wtf are you saying, to use that supermove on the mufdy ground was just common knowledge."

Someone even claims to have found the rainbow coin when they were four years old! Burn.

Know your gaming shit, EZScape! I think you might have counted your chickens too soon, mate.

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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