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Aldi Is Upping The Summer Stakes By Selling £100 Pizza Oven

Aldi Is Upping The Summer Stakes By Selling £100 Pizza Oven


The cheap supermarket chain tried to win over people's hearts and minds with aridiculously cheap hot tub. Now it appears they're trying to be the one stop shop for everything related to summer.

They're taking care of your food needs by selling a pizza oven for just £99.99, which is on average at least £200 cheaper than most competitors.

It weighs about 26kgs and boasts a temperature gauge, flue damper, two part chrome plated cooking grill, and can impressively cook meat and fish as well as pizzas.

On Aldi's website, it says it is sold out online, so you'll have to pick it up in-store. People's reviews were overall fairly good.

One user says: "Had a barbeque and it was amazing. Also have tried the pizza stone and it's the best pizza I've had in a long time."

Another says: "Had this since it came to the shop and have used it non-stop. Pizzas come out great, once you manage the temp right. For smoking meat, it's excellent done many pork shoulders and ribs now and have a brisket and shoulder on now."

Aldi pizza oven
Aldi pizza oven

Credit: Aldi

This user adds that: "I was a little worried when I got this as the price was very reasonable, I have seen similar pizza ovens which are much more expensive. But it worked well had a barbecue when the sun was out and the food came out wonderfully cooked.

"I can't wait until the sun returns to get to use it some more and I will try out the pizza oven itself with the pizza stone. So glad I bought it."

Well what better time to test it out than the bank holiday weekend. Temperatures are expected to be around the mid to high 20s this weekend before rain returns the UK back to normality.

People went wild when Aldi announced it was going to sell its own brand of hot tub for just £299.

The Intex 120 Air Jet Spa Pool Hot Tub features a powerful heater and a lockable, insulating cover, which is secure and will keep the water warm, meaning you'll save a few quid on heating it over and over again.

Aldi hot tub
Aldi hot tub

Credit: Aldi

Some queued for hours on the day that they would be released. But, to the shock of many, upon entering the store customers discovered that most of the tubs had already sold out. Some were a bit luckier and managed to nab a tub - which will be looking pretty good in the sun this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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