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Chilling Photos Taken By Ian Brady In Lead Up To Murders Released

Chilling Photos Taken By Ian Brady In Lead Up To Murders Released

Pphotos taken by Ian Brady show how the serial killer prowled the streets and spied on schoolchildren - as he rehearsed his sickening crimes.

Never-before-seen images unearthed after the Moors Murderer's death show children playing at Myra Hindley's former school.

They were taken by Brady as the two scoured the streets in a van near their home in Greater Manchester.


Credit: SWNS

Brady and Hindley planned the abductions and killings of their child victims in detail before they committed the gruesome crimes.

Brady developed the images using darkroom equipment he had in the upstairs bathroom of his home on Westmoreland Street in Longsight, Greater Manchester.

The photos, including shots of the pair's victims and the graves they buried them in on Saddleworth Moor, were later used as evidence by prosecutors.

The pictures were taken as Brady and Hindley spied on pupils taking part in what appears to be a PE lesson.

Another photo, taken through the black metal bars of the school fence, shows older boys wearing sports kits playing a football match.


Credit: SWNS

The collection also contains black-and-white shots of Brady standing in his house wearing suit trousers, a dark cardigan and tie.

The notorious paedophile and murderer - who, with Hindley, killed five children aged between 10 and 17 - poses with his hands in his pockets and smiles for the camera.

Others believed to be taken by Brady show a dog, a cat and Brady's mother Peggy Stewart at the home they shared.

Ian Brady died earlier this week, taking the secret of where victim Keith Bennett's body is buried to his grave, refusing to help police officers in the last moments of his life.

Keith was murdered, aged just 12 years old, by Brady and Myra Hindley. He was snatched by the pair while on his way to his grandmother's house on June 16 1964.


Winnie Johnson and her son, Joey, on Saddleworth Moor, searching for the body of Keith Bennett. Credit: PA Images

As part of the kidnapping, Hindley lured the young boy into her van before driving to a lay-by on the Moor, where Brady took him. While Hindley kept watch, Brady sexually assaulted and strangled the boy.

Tragically, Keith's mother, Winnie Johnson, died in 2012 without knowing the whereabouts of her son's body.

Keith's remaining family had hoped that in his final moments, Brady would tell authorities where Keith was buried. However, he refused before dying at approximately 6pm on Monday.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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