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House Of Lords Approves Bill To Block No Deal Brexit

House Of Lords Approves Bill To Block No Deal Brexit

A bill that would make a No Deal Brexit illegal without the approval of parliament has just been passed by the House of Lords.

It is now due to become law by going to the Queen for royal assent on Monday (9 September).


This means Prime Minister Boris Johnson - who vowed to make Brexit happen by the end of October - will be required to ask for an Article 50 extension if he has not secured a deal parliament supports following next month's European council summit. The UK could have to remain in the European Union until at least 31 January.

The legislation was tabled by Hilary Benn after MPs took control of Commons.

After becoming Prime Minister in July, Johnson has faced several blows while trying to see his promised 31 October Brexit through.


Jo worked as the transport minister in Theresa May's government, but quit in November 2018, citing her handling of Brexit as the reason for his resignation.

In the past he has called for a second referendum, and despite his and his brother's differences over Brexit, he got behind Boris during his Tory leadership campaign.

Jo's shock departure came only a day after his brother lost his motion to hold a snap general election.

Johnson failed to get the two-thirds majority he needed to force a snap poll through the House of Commons.

Johnson outside 10 Downing Street. Credit: PA
Johnson outside 10 Downing Street. Credit: PA

The motion was passed by 298 votes to 56, but as Labour abstained from voting, it failed to meet the threshold and an election will not be held.

Johnson called for a general election after MPs voted 327 to 299 in favour of the Brexit delay bill, in a bid to block a No Deal Brexit on 31 October.

Announcing his wish for an election, Johnson said: "There is only one way forward for the country. The House has voted repeatedly to leave the EU, but it has also voted to delay actually leaving.

"Today, I'm afraid it has voted to scupper any serious negotiations."

Earlier this week, 21 'rebel' Tory MPs who defied the whip and voted against the Government were kicked out of the party and will not be allowed to stand as Conservatives at the next election.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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