Piers Morgan Divides Viewers On How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

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Piers Morgan Divides Viewers On How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

Everyone reckons they know the correct way to make a brew. While the 'milk-in-first' drinkers are usually ridiculed, there remains a substantial amount of people who prefer it that way. And that's without wading into separate debates about brewing times or the importance of the teapot.

It's highly unlikely there will ever be a scientifically perfect way of making the ideal cuppa, but Piers Morgan thinks he's got the right formula.

The host Good Morning Britain today revealed that he uses four teabags and a pot to make just one cup of tea. He told his co-presenters: "Personally, I would never just do it with a bag in a cup. Always brew it in a pot. I'm a four-teabag man in a pot.


He added: "Four teabags for about four minutes. If you over-stew it becomes undrinkable but even then, it's better than under-stew."

But his big confession was that he does indeed like to put milk in first: "So you can then assess the texture, colour and quality of the tea."

The twin admissions have divided people on social media.


Co-host Susanna Reid tells viewers that scientists believe a red cup is also essential to a perfect brew, but she doesn't mention how it can influence flavour. She even gave it a go by making a tea for Piers, but the experiment ended up with him gasping in pain.


"Oh my god, who made that? Unbelievably hot," he told his co-host. "That's how you burn your mouth, how not to make it. That's too hot."

Piers should have a chat with Dr Quan Vuong, from the University of Newcastle (Australia) who believes microwaving tea is the best way to do it.


His method involves putting hot water in a cup with a teabag, microwaving the cup on half power for 30 seconds and then letting it sit for a minute. Alas, he fails to mention anything about the milk.

While you might think he's just trying to take the piss, his method was actually a part of a research paper he published in 2012.

His method was found to activate 80 percent of the caffeine, theanine and polyphenol compounds inside the teabag, and according to him, that combination makes the best tasting tea.

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