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A Petition To Stop Shops Opening On Boxing Day Has 230,000+ Signatures

A Petition To Stop Shops Opening On Boxing Day Has 230,000+ Signatures

A new petition to get large shops to close on Boxing Day in Britain to let staff have time with their families has picked up in excess of 230,000 signatures.

Helen Jones, Labour MP for Warrington North, began the petition after 'frustrated workers' got in touch with her to complain about the problems they face when working on the day after Christmas.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said: "No one died because a shop was shut, and I think we are exercising our freedom to shop whenever we want on the backs of some very low-paid workers, who are being exploited and being denied the freedom to expect to have the time with their families.

"I went from feeling quite indifferent about Boxing Day openings to believing it does exploit very low-paid workers, who often have to work late on Christmas Eve to get the shops ready and then have to go in very early on Boxing Day morning."


She also went on to add that many workers don't get extra pay for working on holidays and struggle with childcare and public transport.

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‘Stop Shops Opening On Boxing Day’ Petition Could Save Christmas

Now, usually when anyone starts one of these Christmas-related petitions I think they're bit of a dick who wants to take all the fun out of the festive period, but I think this one makes sense. The January sales should start in the New Year and if you're really that keen to spend cash the day after the most expensive 24 hours of the year then you can always shop online.


Home Bargains To Give Staff Boxing Day Off And Two Weeks' Extra Pay

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A government spokesperson has been quick to rule out the move, though. She told the Liverpool Echo: "We do not believe it is for central government to tell businesses how to run their shops or how best to serve their customers. Therefore, we are not proposing to ban shops from opening on Boxing Day."

Some shops, including John Lewis, Aldi and Lidl, choose to remain closed on Boxing Day.

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