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This Dad Is Making A Fortune From Selling His Fivers Online

This Dad Is Making A Fortune From Selling His Fivers Online

Check your wallets.

One jammy dad is making an absolute killing from selling his rare, new five pound notes.

Tim Mitchell has 30 blueys with the valuable AA01 serial code and he's making a small fortune from flogging the notes to idiots on eBay for around £40 a pop.

If I sound a little bitter, it's because I am. Just checked the notes in my purse and they've all got rubbish codes. I could really do with £1,000, you know?

Tim got the notes when he went into the bank to pick up some change for the hotel he works in.

He told Wales Online: "When I checked the notes I found 30 of them had the AA01 serial number so I went on eBay to see what they were selling for.


"I saw they were going for £40 to £50 with some special numbers going for far more.

"I started to put the notes online myself and, so far, have made £430 from 11 notes.

"I had £150 worth of five-pound notes but I am hoping to make well over £1,000 by the time I have sold all the notes.

"I find it bizarre that people want to pay £40 for a fiver but I'm not complaining - it is a good payday."

Credit: Bank of England

Despite being jealous of Tim's good luck, it's hard not to like him because he's said he'll use his newly acquired cash to take his three kids on holiday, which is more worthwhile than what I was going to do...

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