Asda's Fuel Is Going To Be A Lot Cheaper From Tomorrow

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Asda's Fuel Is Going To Be A Lot Cheaper From Tomorrow

Drivers will know how much of a pain in the arse it can be to have to fill up on petrol. It seems that garages put their prices up willy-nilly, meaning you usually drive around a bit looking at different places before finding the cheapest.

And sadly, it always seems that straight after you've filled up, you drive past somewhere that is marginally cheaper than where you've just been.

Although there may only be a difference of a few pence, it always makes a difference.

Fear not though, as Asda has set about cutting its price for fuel, sparking a petrol price war, which will come into effect tomorrow.


Its chopping off 2p - meaning unleaded will fall to a new national price cap of 114.7p per litre, and diesel will drop to 116.7p per litre, The Sun reports. As said above, although 2p doesn't sound like a lot, it is in this context.

Back in 2015 an Asda in Coventry dropped its petrol price to under a pound. Credit: PA

This 'price war' is the first in four months, according to The Sun, and comes after the chancellor kept fuel duty frozen in the budget.


A report recently claimed that petrol prices have risen by nearly 17 percent in the last year alone.

Last year a vlogger called Grant became fed up of forking about an insane amount of money to fill up his car. To avoid doing so, he decided to come up with an idea that would reduce his costs in a massive way.

He says he found a solution that gives him a 56 percent better gas mileage and saves him around a fortune on costs.

Check this out...


So basically what he did was turn his vehicle into a 'water-hybrid' using distilled water and a teaspoon of baking soda.

'Tickling' the water with 12 volts of electricity, Grant claims separating the hydrogen from the oxygen means he can get more 'burn'.

Formerly getting a 30 percent burn, it meant 70 percent of the fuel was shooting out of his exhaust pipe. Now he believes his new system is resulting in a 100 percent burn and saving loads of fuel.


He claims it's the trick the oil companies don't want any of us to know. But now we do.

Disclaimer - It goes without saying that you shouldn't attempt this unless you're some kind of mechanic.

Featured Image Credit: It'll be cheaper than this! PA

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