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Man 'Captures Ghost Opening Window' In Seriously Creepy Video

Man 'Captures Ghost Opening Window' In Seriously Creepy Video

Here we are again, guys: another video to 'prove' to us once and for all that ghosts exist.

So here we go:

Credit: Mercury Press


Nah, fuck that. Burn the house down. Burn it all down. It's a ghost, that.

That music doesn't help, either, does it?

The creepy footage was recorded by Andrew Ward who is convinced his 400-year-old cottage in Cambridgeshire is haunted, so decided to go all Paranormal Activity and set up a camera.

In the footage, the heavy-looking window can be seen swinging open slowly, with no one nearby.


Andrew said: "It's definitely a ghost - it's really spooky. I knew there was a ghost here and I was determined to prove it.

"The two nights before it happened there was just nothing there, but I was sure that one night I was just going to be lucky.

"It could be a ghost 'stepping in' to my house. Every night it seems to be the windows. I always close them but some nights I wake up and they're wide open.


"Sometimes the blinds go up as well. It's all a bit strange why it should happen. It must be a ghost because I've got no other explanation as to what it is.

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"I remember waking up that morning last week feeling cold and the window was open even though I had left it closed.


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"I always know the ghost has been as soon as I wake up because it's very very cold, and I just know that's a result of the window being open."

The creepy cottage has got a reputation in the village of Melbourn for being haunted, and according to Andrew, at least one person has died in there.

Having owned the property since the 80s, Andrew also said he's had tenants leave because it's too spooky to live in. I'm sure this new video isn't going to do him any favours.

He continued: "My brother used to stay here years ago, before I moved in to live here. He said that when he was sleeping in bed here it felt like something was 'pushing down' on top of him - pushing down on his chest.


Credit: Mercury Press

"He reported other things too. Like, for example, he noticed movements. He noticed things going bump in the night - the house made noises but when he went to check there was never anything there.

"He said he could hear what sounded like footsteps climbing the stairs and, after hearing things, he'd find the window open the next day.

"His cat would never want to go upstairs so I thought perhaps it was a haunted presence up there."

He's also vowed to continue filming at the property to gather more evidence, but for now he believes it's 'definitely a ghost'.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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