Piers Morgan Brands Liz Hurley's Topless Photo Taken By Son 'Creepy'

Piers Morgan Brands Liz Hurley's Topless Photo Taken By Son 'Creepy'

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Restaurant Owner Gets Bizarre Revenge On Man Who Left Bad Review

Restaurant Owner Gets Bizarre Revenge On Man Who Left Bad Review

A restaurant owner has named a new cocktail after a one star review his place received on Trip Advisor, and honestly, I think I've found my new hero.

Ben Gatt, who owns The Old Butcher's in Bristol, has created a lethal-sounding mix of white wine, rose wine, Bols Blue liqueur and gomme syrup called The Ponce's Dungarees as a tribute to a particular harsh review from a guy calling himself Wayne S.

So, what did Wayne S have to say that would lead to his comments being immortalised in cocktail form?

Well, he had a lot to say actually.


He began by saying "It's an old butcher's shop and it feels like it still is, bright white tiled walls, the furniture was uncomfortable wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a bar or restaurant, to be honest it felt like neither, poncey 2/3 of a pint glasses for beer, what's wrong with pints FFS?"

Fair enough, you can't please everyone, can you?

But then he went in on the owner, which is definitely uncalled for. He wrote: "The owner struts about in dungarees, and if he has the chance to check his reflection he damn well makes sure he does."


Credit: Trip Advisor

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What's wrong with dungarees? Credit: Facebook/The Old Butcher's

Not taking the thing to heart, though, Ben simply hitched up his dungarees and got mixing behind the bar. And thus, The Ponce's Dungarees was born.


A post on The Old Butcher's Facebook page reads: "Thank you to Wayne S for his recent review of our lovely non-bar/restaurant.


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"Wayne's inspiring words have won him a place on our menu; congratulations Wayne!

"We are therefore proud to introduce our new cocktail, for a limited time only, 'The Ponce's Dungarees'. We hope to see you soon in our grey and drab area of town."


Have you heard a better story of cocktail creation since the Flaming Moe? As big fan of being petty, I have to say, I'm impressed.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/The Old Butcher's/Trip Advisor

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