A List Of The Most Searched For Memes Of 2016 Is Here

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A List Of The Most Searched For Memes Of 2016 Is Here

With 2016 being such a shit show, it was inevitable that people turned to the one thing they can rely on in their hour of need: memes.

It's the year Britain voted to leave the EU, which had a horrible impact on Toblerones; the year we grieved the loss of a very special gorilla, not to mention all the other legends we said 'goodbye' to; the year where it was hard to tell if the headline you were reading was from The Onion or not. 2016, we won't be sad to see you go, but you did give us some decent memes.

As the year draws to a close, Time magazine has released a list of the most Google-searched for memes:

1. Harambe


Number one with a bullet (sorry) is none other than Our Lord and Saviour Harambe. This one doesn't need a description, you all know who he was. RIP hairy dude.

2. Damn Daniel

This feels like ages ago, but 'Damn Daniel' and his super complimentary friend took the world by storm in February this year. You were probably inspired to buy your own pair of white Vans after seeing Daniel in his, the stylish bastard.


3. Pokémon Go

Remember we were all obsessed with this for about nine days in the summer? Good times. It distracted us from our horrible lives for those nine days, didn't it? Until your mate came up to you and said, 'I was out chasing Magmar in my socks at two this morning' and you just knew it was time to move on.

4. Dat Boi

O shit waddup! I only became aware of Dat Boi's existence a couple of weeks ago, when my colleague Josh Teal showed me him/it. But I must have been living under a rock, because the unicycle riding frog has earned himself the coveted number four spot in our meme searches.


5. SpongeBob Caveman

Another classic piece of memery (not a real word). Perfect for when you're properly stressed over a situation and can no longer express yourself with words.

Credit: Twitter


6. Michael Phelps

He was the poster boy for Olympic success this year. From his sulky face meme to his death-stare when his opponent levelled with him in the 200-metre butterfly semi-final, he was prime meme material.

7. Donald Trump

Speaking of prime meme material, this man was born to be memed. The only thing about his inclusion on this list that surprises me is that he's at number seven.


8. Making a Murderer

Ah, we all just want someone who looks at us the way Brendan Dassey looks at empty space.

Credit: Twitter

9. Ken Bone

Sometimes in life we're given a gift from God, and when 'undecided voter' Ken Bone popped up during the second US presidential debate the world thought we had been given such a gift - that sweater, that name, that Al's Toy Barn face, he had it all.

Before we knew it, he was everywhere, someone even made a 'sexy Ken Bone' costume. And then he fell quickly from grace after it was revealed that he was a bit...weird.

When he was doing a Reddit AMA people managed to pull up some rather controversial comments Ken had made in the past, specifically about the killing of Trayvon Martin (he said it was 'legally justified') and he admitted to looking at the leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence. Someone also revealed Ken's penchant for pregnant porn and the fact he calls pregnant women 'beautiful human submarines'. Jesus.

10. Birdman

How else would you show you had 'no respeck' for someone in 2016? Using your words? Pfft.

Featured image credit: Twitter

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