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Bald Bloke Pranks Barber By Having Wig Cut As If It's His Real Hair

Bald Bloke Pranks Barber By Having Wig Cut As If It's His Real Hair

A hungover bloke thought it would be hilarious to trick a barber into giving him a fresh trim - only to then reveal he was wearing a £2 wig.

Balding Andrew Gee bought the fair-haired wig from a car boot sale before visiting Adam's Barbers in Rugeley, Staffordshire, with friends Jack Bas and Scott Choppin.


He told the unsuspecting barber to cut his 'hair' and allowed him to carry on for more than two minutes before finally whipping it off to reveal he was in fact bald.

Watch what unfolded here:

Credit: Caters

Wowza, my banter seismometer is going wild watching that one! Andrew, Jack and Scott are throwing out seismic wave after seismic wave of the stuff and I'm getting a reading of 11 on the Richter scale... of banter.

Jack, a 27-year-old tree surgeon, said: "We set ourselves a challenge to see who could get the best bargain at the car boot sale but we never saw it ending up like this.


"It was so hard not to laugh the whole time. It was meant to be me in the chair but I knew I couldn't keep a straight face, plus we thought it was be funnier when Andrew revealed his head.

"Rugeley's quite a small place so we chose that barber shop because it's the only one that we've never used, so we knew the guy wouldn't recognise us.

Credit: Caters

"Andrew asked for it quite short but he was very specific that the guy had to use scissors. We knew that if he used clippers the wig would just come straight off.

"The barber didn't have a clue. It was probably just another haircut for him, but we were the only customers in the shop and it was difficult to keep a straight face.

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"I didn't expect him to get three minutes into the haircut without noticing. Eventually Andrew thought enough was enough and whipped it off.

"We keep him going a bit about the fact he's losing his hair, but it came in useful for this.

"The guy's face was a picture but he laughed it all off. I think we brightened up his shift anyway."

In the clip, 28-year-old Andrew can be seen grinning in the mirror as he gives strict instructions to 41-year-old barber Adam Mohammed about the style he's after.

Andrew, a construction worker, said: "It was just after my birthday so we were hungover and went to the car boot sale to do the £2 challenge.

"It was just a bit of a laugh, really. I didn't think it would go on that long at all. It was really hard to keep a straight face.

Credit: Caters

"I got an actual haircut afterwards so it wasn't like we completely took the mick.

Dad-of-five Adam said: "I thought he'd just came in from work. He had quite a bit of dust on him at the beginning when I went to comb him.

"I didn't want to be rude and say anything but I did think it was a bit dirty. I thought maybe he had been on a building site or something.

"Lots of people ask to be cut using only scissors so I wasn't really suspicious. When he took the wig off I was quite surprised.

"I found it hilarious. It's the exact same sort of joke I would play so I thought it was funny. I don't know these guys at all but I thought it was brilliant.

"I've had people walking past the shop and pointing because they recognise it from the video."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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