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Girlfriend Baits Boyfriend Into Cheating With 'Kim Kardashian Lookalike'

Girlfriend Baits Boyfriend Into Cheating With 'Kim Kardashian Lookalike'

A YouTube channel called To Catch Cheater has recently been getting an awful lot of traction. Basically, the channel focuses on setting up boyfriends or girlfriends to test their loyalty.

There's a whole load of problems with it. First and foremost is the legitimacy. A lot of the time it just seems far too ridiculous to be believable.


On the other hand there's the ethics. If you don't trust your other half, the answer isn't to have them seduced by someone else. Speak to them, face-to-fucking-face, like normal people do.

Of course, someone is in the wrong if they cheat in any way, but during these tests, when someone has pretty much been told to do anything in their power to get their number, play on their fantasies, get a kiss, or even some sex, then you have to question what else was expected? It's like dangling food in front of a dog's face and expecting them not to bite at it.

In this particular episode, a girl has her boyfriend help a 'Kim Kardashian lookalike' (she looks nothing like Kim K) with her laptop.

The girl opens the door wearing nothing but a towel, having just got out of the shower, but then changes into a silk robe. She persistently offers the tech geek wine and champagne, before he accepts the offer.

She goes on to tell him that she's a stripper, and that she'd perform for him. He palms off her advances right up until she spreads her legs in front of him and he asks 'do you want me to touch?'.


His girlfriend, who watches the events on a laptop, becomes furious as she leads him away to the bedroom and they apparently have sex.

The fuming other half starts shouting that he's most likely got STDs because the woman is a hooker and a whore.

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Heartbroken Woman Sends 'Cheating' Ex-Boyfriend A Tonne Of Onions

Weirdly she repeatedly goes back to the laptop, putting the headphones on so she can listen in on her partner getting down to it with another girl.

Obviously, people have questioned whether it's all real. The two in charge of the page claim it is 100 percent legit, though. You be the judge.

In light of this guy being baited by alcohol and a stripper, I'm going to torment my nan with a pack of Werther's Originals, and an Emmerdale box set, and shout at her when she eats them all and watches the DVDs.

In similar circumstances, this guy fell for the set up his girlfriend had put together, as he thought he was being hit on by a teacher.

Come on mate, this ain't an American teen movie, nor is it sitcom - teachers don't just do that shit. Despite this, he answers her questions about where a classroom is, as well as queries about driving, condoms and shy but manly guys.

Eventually the pair agree to trade numbers and meet up at a later date, and he denies his relationship with his missus as she watches on.

At the end of the video, after a cheeky peck on the cheek, his girlfriend says: "It's fine, we can just talk about this. It's my fault, I shouldn't have done this, I'm sorry."

In another video, which is far less dramatic, a plumber is invited around to a lingerie clad woman's house to fix her sink.

This fella literally goes round and sorts out her kitchen issues. Even as she says things like "I've been lonely, I really need some dick in my life," as well as "You can't leave without fucking me, one stroke."

His girlfriend is pretty impressed as he avoids all of her advances, rejects her and leaves.

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