Millionaire Who Gave Boyfriend Long List Of Holiday Rules Dumps Him

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Millionaire Who Gave Boyfriend Long List Of Holiday Rules Dumps Him

Remember the millionaire who gave her boyfriend a really long and bizarre list of rules before he went on a lad's holiday to Ibiza?

Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, they've split up.

The long list of dos and don'ts demanded that boyfriend Connor George, 21, didn't speak to girls, didn't interact with girls on social media and that if he wanted a shot, he must absolutely not buy it from a shot-girl.

He was also forbidden from being a wingman to his mates. The pair laughed about her rules at the time and he even promised to wear the T-shirt she had made which had: "If you are reading this you are too close to my boyfriend" written on it as well as a picture of the happy couple.


There's no suggestion that Connor didn't stick to her rules, by the way - in fact, a friend of the couple said that they just 'weren't on the same wavelength'.

I can see that, Jane is on the wavelength of piss-testing her own fella when he comes back off holiday and presumably Connor isn't.

I can only assume Connor is about to go on an absolute mad one - making so much fucking eye contact with girls it's going to be unreal.


20-year-old Jane Park was Britain's youngest ever Euromillions winner when she picked up £1 million aged just 17, proving that money doesn't buy love, eh?

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