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This Woman Sets A Honeytrap For Her Boyfriend And Hires A Stripper To Hit On Him

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This Woman Sets A Honeytrap For Her Boyfriend And Hires A Stripper To Hit On Him

There are some people who are always paranoid about their boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on them. And then there are those who are so paranoid they actually set a honeytrap to try and catch them out.

And on To Catch A Cheater it's on YouTube for everyone to see.

The set up was that the YouTube show had the decoy call the plumber boyfriend, and said she found his business number online and that her kitchen sink stopped working (they had just turned off the bottom!) She was dressed in some lingerie, and the plan was to "really throw herself on this dude...Every Plumber's fantasy!"


Credit: To Catch A Cheater

The girlfriend who set this horrible trap in motion watches on as her poor boyfriend is lured into the honeytrap.

"Allison" opens the door, in her underwear, to a very surprised plumber.

"You wanna go change?" asks the poor plumber as politely as possible. But she doesn't. She leads him to the dishwasher, making comments about lubricant and getting 'deep in there'.


In the dishwasher is her vibrator, which she grabs and pretends to be embarrassed about. "I've been looking all over for that!"

Watch what else happens here...

Credit: To Catch A Cheater


Among other statements, she says: "I've been lonely, I really need some dick in my life,' before barricading the door. The girlfriend isn't impressed. "Did you hire a fucking hooker?" she shouts. What did you expect when you asked someone to hit on your boyfriend?!

"You can't leave without fucking me, one stroke," says the woman. Wow, isn't that sexual harassment?

The man insists that he has a girlfriend and he doesn't want to and eventually he's let go.

But is the girlfriend happy?


Credit: To Catch A Cheater

While she's "proud" he didn't hook up with the crazy dishwasher lady, the girlfriend thinks he was flirty. "He has a look, and I can see that look that he gives other women. He's very flirty," she says.

You couldn't see his face the whole time! How could you see his "look" when he had his back to the camera?!


"We just harassed my boyfriend at work," she says gleefully, before revealing that her Valentine's plans with him are to visit her mother.

None of the commenters are particularly impressed with the girlfriend's behaviour either.
"Wow you have someone look like THAT and literally block the door until he fucks her and he can still resist? And the girlfriend is still suspicious about the "looks" he was giving her?" said one.

"The actress should be ashamed of herself and the girl should get dumped," said on commenter, who was clearly unimpressed by everyone.

But others think the whole thing was a set up - and completely fake. "This shit so fake it's funny. Good actors though."

For more of their videos, click here.

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: To Catch A Cheater

Topics: Cheater

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