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BBC Journalists Videoed Mount Etna Erupting And It's Scary As Hell

BBC Journalists Videoed Mount Etna Erupting And It's Scary As Hell

Sicily's Mount Etna began erupting towards the end of February of this year - spewing out lava and even sending out the occasionally ash column - with plenty of spectators.

Including a team of BBC team of journalists and several tourists who had to run for cover after they were caught in the middle of Mount Etna erupting in Sicily.

Science correspondent Rebecca Morelle recounts what happened in this video...


Credit: BBC

As tweeted by the BBC's Global Science Correspondent Rebecca Morelle, lava and steam erupted from somewhere near the summit as they were gallivanting around there.

"Running down a mountain pelted by rocks, dodging burning boulders and boiling steam - not an experience I ever ever want to repeat," Morelle tweeted earlier today.

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All of which sounds scary as fuck, but there was more.

People have died as a result of these sort of explosions in the past, especially when they destabilise the volcano where things can escalate quickly.


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The BBC team - and a 78-year-old woman who was also there at the time. They were playing with fire and very lucky to have escaped with their lives.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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