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'Cheater' Gets Clocked On Camera And He's Like A Deer In Headlights

'Cheater' Gets Clocked On Camera And He's Like A Deer In Headlights

Oh dear, oh dear.

Top tip, if you're going to cheat, make sure you don't take your 'friend' out and parade them in front of national TV cameras. Either that or don't take one on in the first place, because of morality, or whatever.

One American man failed to follow either of those rules and he sure as hell paid the price.

TV cameras were filming a merchandise store ahead of NBA basketball team the Houston Rockets' match. But one couple looked like deer in the headlights when they clocked the cameras.

Take a look here...

Shit, that is two people who know they about to get found out.

"THEY'RE GONNA FIND US OUT. Abort. Abort. Abort," their glance says, as they let go of each other's hands and make a dash for separate exits.

Would have been better to have held it together than to have reacted like that, but I guess we can all make the best decision with the power of hindsight.

The clip has racked up half-a-million views on Instagram , so I'm guessing that dude got a gob-full and a swift dumping.

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