Cheating Woman Busted By, Not One, But Two Of Her Boyfriends

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Cheating Woman Busted By, Not One, But Two Of Her Boyfriends

If you find out you're being cheated on the standard reaction is to dump your partner. But one bloke decided that wasn't enough, he wanted some payback.

It's the 21st century after all - so he figured he might as well exact some revenge on the cheater, video the whole thing, and then upload the content onto the world wide web.

In the clip, the wronged boyfriend is seen having enlisted the help of his girlfriend's bit on the side, in a fake proposal that would leave the cheating woman red-faced.

Watch how it unfolded here..


The prank began with the first man seemingly surprising his girlfriend at the restaurant where she works.

As he approaches her behind a desk in a white T-shirt, she looks pleased to see him and comes out front.

The soon-to-be exes hug and have a chat before he lowers himself down to one knee.


All of the woman's co-workers coo and cheer and exclaim 'oh my god!' but the man filming the encounter ominously suggests that something will happen 'when he grab her hand.'

As the woman raises her hands to her face in shock and delight, the man appears to be looking around nervously.


The prank almost goes to shit because the 'surprise guest' has arrived late.

Stalling for time, he holds out the ring box and begins talking to the woman, who is clearly about to say yes to his proposal.

But then the door opens and her other man walks in.

He approaches the pair of them and shouts at her: "You had two good men! Two good fucking men! You fucked it up!"


Another man off screen tells him to 'relax, man' he is so incensesd.

The woman then backs away and then runs out the door while the first man shouts after her: "You see how you played me?"


After she disappeared, the men reveal that she had been secretly seeing both of them for months and that one of them claimed to have even bought her a car.

After spending a two main courses of cheating pie, the woman wounded up getting her just deserts.

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