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Climate Change Could Be Causing Weird Stuff To Go Down In The Arctic

Climate Change Could Be Causing Weird Stuff To Go Down In The Arctic

Scientists have noticed something is happening in the Arctic and it's got them pretty worried about our future.

They have observed that freezing temperature waters around the North Pole are warmer than usual. This, in turn, is preventing sea ice from forming and it is causing a number of concerns within the scientific community, the Independent reports.

In a normal year the Sun will set on the Arctic around mid-October and the water will begin to freeze up. This year, however, higher global temperatures have stopped the ice forming and the ice that is there is melting.

While thinner ice may not sound like that bad, it could have disastrous consequences. Warmer air could push colder air south, affecting global weather systems.


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Climate scientists aren't entirely sure this is the result of climate change, but they are concerned about the rate of melting.

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Meteorologist Eric Holthaus explained: "Lumping the two together has been a climate denier tactic in the past to mask out the sharp drop in Arctic sea ice in recent years."


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Mr Holthaus also cautioned that the growth of ice sheets could potentially be an indicator of climate change as fresh melt water freezes quicker than sea water.

That said it is clear our climate is getting warmer, which could potentially have terrifying consequences in future.

Did you know that climate change could displace more than 250 million people by 2050? If you take into account that the war in Syria has displaced a little more than 11 million, then those numbers really begin to look staggering. That's more than 20 times the amount.

Scientists and politicians are also linking climate change to everything from global terrorism to mental health issues to rising cancer rates. There are so many sides to this crisis that it's a little overwhelming to know where to start.


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