Could This Weird As F**k Rock Prove Aliens Exist?

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Could This Weird As F**k Rock Prove Aliens Exist?

As conspiracists will be all too aware, in mid-1947, an object crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.

Although it was reported by authorities as a crash by a United States Air Force balloon, the incident has remained a focal point for truthers, who believe the crash was instead an alien space-craft.

Some think that the bodies of the UFO's extra-terrestrial occupants were recovered by the US military and subject to autopsy following the crash - with the incident covered up and kept secret from the general public.

Seventy years on from the Roswell incident, a bizarre object known as the Roswell Rock continues to spark wild conspiracy theories, with believers claiming it demonstrates the official story is bullshit.


Illuminati confirmed? Credit: PA Images

The rock was discovered close to the alleged UFO crash site in 2004 and is reported to have unusual magnetic properties and mysterious patterns.

Wide-scale discussion of the object was sparked over the weekend after Tyler Glockner, founder of alien hunting website Secure Team 10, made a video focusing on the object.


Tyler says: "It was discovered back in 2004, sticking out of the dirt in Roswell, New Mexico, in a basically barren, empty area of desert close to where the infamous Roswell crash occurred.

Watch the video here...


"The rock was very smooth, rounded, and it contained these mysterious symbols that looked to show almost what looks like a lunar cycle of the Moon.

"It's been theorised that this rock may have been part of the wreckage from the Roswell crash.

"Or, that this rock - which is said to hold some very mysterious powers, was actually left behind by a previous alien visitation, and that the Roswell crash was what occurred when these aliens had come back to Earth to retrieve the mystery rock."

Although a report released by the US military in the 1990s claimed that the object seen crashing at Roswell was a nuclear test surveillance balloon, Tyler refuses to accept the official version of events.


Tyler says that putting a magnet to the 'north' end of the rock causes the object to spin anti-clockwise, and that as a magnet was moved down to the 'south' end of the rock, it would move in the other direction.

The Mirror reports that radiologists have since analysed the rock and allegedly confirmed that it does not contain any magnets inside.

But that doesn't stop people believing, the video Tyler made about the rock has had close to 100,000 on YouTube.


Keep your ears to the ground readers: the truth is out there.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Secureteam10

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