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Disabled Man Seriously Injured After Falling From Roller Coaster

Disabled Man Seriously Injured After Falling From Roller Coaster

Shocking footage has emerged from Columbia showing a disabled man falling 32ft from a roller coaster.

Laureano de Jesus Ospina is fighting for his life after he plummeted from the National Coffee Park's Krater roller coaster. The fall came as it came to the bottom of one of its near-vertical drops.


Footage of the incident was caught by a visitor to the theme park on their mobile phone.

Watch footage of the incident here...

*Warning distressing footage*

Credit: CEN


Although the exact nature of the man's disability is yet to be confirmed, local media has reported that he was rushed to the nearby La Sagrada Familia hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Jhon Faber Giraldo Giraldo, community manager of the theme park, said: "Mr Laureano is stable and we know that he never lost conscious and that he is currently being attended by doctors."

He added that the accident was not caused by a mechanical fault "because we are following the protocol given by the producer of the attraction".

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Credit: CEN

the roller coaster has since been closed and people evacuated from the area so investigations into the accident could begin.

The National Coffee Park celebrates the part coffee has played in Colombia's history, with the roller coaster Krater was opened in February 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the park.

Although such an incident is shocking, it's unlikely that a similar accident could happen in Britain as safety regulation on theme parks is tight.

The last major incident involving a roller coaster here in the UK was at Alton Towers, when the Smiler ride crashed.

CCTV released after the Smiler accident show the ride in operation on June 2nd before one carriage crashed into an empty one, trapping its occupants.

Warning: distressing footage to follow...

Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd was prosecuted by the HSE at North Staffordshire Justice Centre on 22 April 2016, in which the firm pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to a £5 million fine on 27 September 2016 after a two day hearing at Stafford Crown Court.

The ride eventually reopened on 19 March 2016 for the start of the 2016 season with additional safety features.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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