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Drunk Man Reckons It's A Good Idea To Get Tattoo On His Eyelids

Drunk Man Reckons It's A Good Idea To Get Tattoo On His Eyelids

Another day, another person with a terrible tattoo they regret.

Now, if we were playing shit tattoo bingo we'd pretty much have a full house with this one because Steven Laverty got his while on a stag-do (check) on holiday (check) after a three-day sesh (house).


Steven now reckons because of the tattoo he will have a harder time talking to women, he's also worried that his kids will think he's an 'idiot'. I'm saying nothing.

Twenty-four-year-old Steven was in Benidorm for his cousin's stag do and admits that getting the tattoo is 'all a bit of a blur'.

After spending three days binge drinking when he decided to get the words 'what about ye' on his eyelids.

I'm informed that 'what about ye' is a common greeting in Northern Ireland and it means 'how are you?'. So, why wouldn't you want that permanently etched on to your skin?

Steven told the Sun: "When I had a few drinks in me I was telling everyone I was going to do it but my other cousin Ryan talked me out of it. Then when everyone went to the beach, I just thought: 'Fuck it'.


"It's not even like the words mean much to me. 'What about ye' is just a saying. When everyone saw it they just laughed their heads off at me.

Credit: Mercury

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"We'd been in the bar all afternoon, I can't remember if it was Sunday or Monday, but they all went for a walk down to the beach and I just ducked out.

"I didn't know where the tattoo parlour was so I just walked until I found it. I told them what I wanted and that was that."

Credit: Mercury

Steven added: "It might be a bit of struggle to talking to strangers now, especially women."

Although on the bright-side, he reckons he managed to get a few quid knocked off the price, as the tattooist wanted £60 but he managed to get this piece of art for just 22 of your English pounds. Bargain...

Steven added: "Obviously I regret it now but at the time I clearly thought it was a good idea.

"I don't know how I'm going to chat up women in the future. Just go up and stare at them maybe? There's bound to be someone who likes them." Ever the optimist, isn't he our Steven?

This isn't the first time Steven has gone under the needle for an 'unusual' tattoo, he's also got the word BUM and a 'finger sleeve'.

And, the new ink is already turning heads: "Everyone on the plane back was staring at me.

"You can see the words whether my eyes are open or shut. I might have to start wearing glasses a lot more often."

Well, that or laser-removal, mate.

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