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Fearless Explorer Dives Down Satanic Cave And Makes Worrying Discovery

Fearless Explorer Dives Down Satanic Cave And Makes Worrying Discovery

Here he is, our fearless adventurer is at it once again, the last time we saw him he was defying all the odds and all sense of danger by climbing down a snake pit.

Think Columbus on his first voyage to the Americas, not knowing what he would find there. Think Captain Scott, his belief in technology and the tragedy of his ultimate failure. Think Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach Everest's summit.

This is the kind of man that Beau Ouimette, perhaps best known by his YouTube name Aquachigger, is.

But what would his next adventure be? How could he top the snake infested pit? Well, he had an answer. He dared to go somewhere even more dangerous than before.


This time he climbed into an ancient 'satanic' cave and what he found was truly disturbing.

Watch what happened here...


He begins by entering a dark cave.

"I've heard about a place up here where they have satanic rituals and this might be the very cave that it happens," he explains.

Moments later he spots blood splattered across the walls. What the hell is going on, you probably think. Not Beau.

The adventurer doesn't let the haunting sights turn him into a coward.


As he walks further into the pit, he says: "I know there's going to be a skull in here - maybe just a human tooth."

He then spots an opening in the cave, which he speculates is the altar for sacrifices.


"Are these human tracks some sort of little creature?" he asks. "That's a creature that's much smaller than us but walks on two legs."

He concludes by saying: "Illumanti confirmed."

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This isn't the first time he's shown he's made of steel...

Beau Plunges To The Depths Of A Snake Pit


Last month Beau decided, like the greats that had come before him, to push the limits of human survival, to go to a place where no others had gone before.

He decided to put his balls to the wall. He decided to go down a fucking well.

Watch a video of his adventure here...

In the video, after testing the sturdiness of the ladder, he decides to take the plunge into the dark, unknown oblivion.

"This is very shaky and very slippery," he explains, his voice starting to waiver as he climbs deeper into the pit.

He then notices the rotten-looking timbers holding the well in place, however it's not the perilous ladder or the slimy walls that put the fear of god into him.

No a greater darkness there lies.


In the crevices of the rocks lie a horrifying number of snakes.

"I hope they don't fall down my jacket," he says, less with conviction than in hope.

But his ordeal is not done, there is more to follow, he then finds the skeletons of a mystery creature.

"Alright, I think I've had enough of this place," he concludes. "Yeah we're idiots aren't we. It's like Indiana Jones with all these snake pits."

Since it was posted to YouTube the video has been viewed more than 30,000 times.

Columbus, Scott, Hillary, hell Harrison Ford: eat your hearts out.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Aquachigger

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