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Flat Earther Confronts NASA Scientist In Weird, Weird Video

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Flat Earther Confronts NASA Scientist In Weird, Weird Video

The founder of 30,000-strong flat earth conspiracy Facebook page confronted a NASA scientist in a Starbucks in an utterly bizarre video.

Nathan Thompson bumped into a NASA scientist in a coffee shop and they initially had a quiet discussion about Thompson's views on spaceflight.

After the discussion was over the scientist gave him some NASA stickers, but it all went west when Thompson decided to attempt to talk to the scientist on camera.


"I'm here with a real NASA employee," he tells his viewers in his YouTube video.

"A legit NASA employee and I asked him. I said, astronauts have almost died in space. Uh, they get water in their suit and they almost drowned and he said it was because of saliva.

"This guy right here, hang on, I'm gonna wait for him to get to the front of the line, and then I'm gonna ask him some more questions."

Thompson then tries to get the NASA employee's attention but - and it's important to point this out - seeing as though his attention is focused on buying a coffee and not talking to conspiracy theorists, he doesn't immediately respond.


Credit: YouTube

However, the conspiracist assumes that his focus on buying the coffee is because he is uncomfortable with his line of questioning.

"Look, he was all nice. He was all nice. He gave me NASA cartoon frigging emblems," Thompson said. "And now he won't talk to me at all."


He becomes increasingly aggressive after the NASA employee refuses to answer further questions.

"Come on, you won't chat with me? You hate Americans? Is that it?"

Credit: YouTube


"Excuse me?" the NASA employee replies, taking offense but remaining calm. "How the hell did you get that? Don't ever accuse me of that again. I don't have to chat with you. Step over there, ok? I'm done talking to you."

Eventually Thompson is asked to leave by Starbucks staff.

It comes after a YouTube conspiracy theorist D. Marble took a flight from North Carolina to Seattle to try and prove the earth was flat, only to have the entire thing debunked on Twitter.

Basically LADs, what I'm saying here is: pay attention in school.


Featured Image Credit: Flat Earth Talk/YouTube

Topics: Viral, flat earth, Nasa

James Dawson
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