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Walkers Carnage As It Plans A 'Battle Royale' For Their Crisp Flavours

Walkers Carnage As It Plans A 'Battle Royale' For Their Crisp Flavours

There's some huge crisp news that could both shock and surprise you. Walkers has announced it could ditch their salt and vinegar, prawn cocktail and smoky bacon flavours as part of a new campaign called 'Choose Me or Lose Me?'.

The campaign will see the three classics pitched against three new flavours, with the public deciding which will stay and which will go.

The three battles will see salt and vinegar up against lime and black pepper, prawn cocktail taking on paprika and smoky bacon pitched against bacon and cheddar.

And I probably don't need to tell you that whilst salt and vinegar is likely to retain its spot as it's facing some truly league two opposition, the other two might end up being shelved.


Credit: Twitter / Walkers

Personally I'm not a fan of prawn cocktail, so although it looks a little weak to me, I'm informed by a colleague that it should be relatively safe.

But there is reason to be concerned about the fate of smoky bacon, because it's hard to deny that adding cheese to anything makes it better. And while they're good, they're not really at the same iconic heights as salt and vinegar, ready salted and cheese and onion.

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The conversations have already begun on Twitter with the #ChooseOrLose hashtag:


It's fair to say that the nation is divided.

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