Glitch In The Matrix As Toddler And Old Man Dress The Same

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Glitch In The Matrix As Toddler And Old Man Dress The Same

Featured image credit: A_OBCD8663

The following picture COULD be proof of time travel. It COULD be proof that the Matrix exists, and there was a glitch in it. Or it COULD be proof that sometimes people WEAR THE SAME TYPE OF FUCKING CLOTHES.

Clearly, it's an amusing photo that someone decided to put up on the internet for a laugh that has a baby and an old man dressed in the same clothes. Anyway, Redditor A_OBCD8663 posted it up and loads of people were confused.


lKauany said: "At first I thought it was because of his facial expression... It took me a while to realise there's an old man in the picture."

To which the OP replied: "My wife thought the same thing. I sent it to her when she was at work, and she didn't see the old guy until I pointed it out."

All I could think of was that Family Guy episode where Stewie meets his future adult self.


Words by Mel Ramsay

Topics: Toddler, time travel

Mel Ramsay
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