Google Time-Lapse Reveals What’s Been Going-On In Area 51 For 30 Years

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Google Time-Lapse Reveals What’s Been Going-On In Area 51 For 30 Years

Big news conspiracists, Google has revealed a time-lapse showing what's been happening in Area 51 over the last 30 years.

There's a 25-mile no-fly zone for civilian aircraft over the United States Air Force facility, so the public doesn't often get to see Google's views captured by satellites.

So, get ready to be amazed...


I guess you were hoping to see some aliens, weren't you? But sadly time-lapse doesn't gives us a look inside the base itself, which is rumoured to have seen the storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecrafts.

All this has confirmed is that over the past decades, a second runway has been built - and that they also dug into the nearby mountain.

There have allegedly been a lot of aircraft tests and development in the area's history which go back much further than 30 years. For instance, there were missions run using the U-2 spy plane which was implemented throughout the earlier stages of the Cold War for surveillance purposes. This is reportedly taken in the restricted part.


U-2 plane in 1955. Credit: Wiki

Commercial aircraft have a no-fly zone in the perimeter, spanning around 25 miles.

Still, not as exciting as aliens, is it?

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