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Gross Individual Uses Barbie To Extract Weird Shit From Mouth

Gross Individual Uses Barbie To Extract Weird Shit From Mouth

Earlier this month I did an article about one of the grossest videos I've probably ever been unfortunate enough to see - some sick fuck was extracting what's known as a 'salivary gland stone' from their mouth.

The response to the video was nearly unanimously about how horrendous it was.

'Made my eyes water this one', said one lad in the comment section. 'Fucking disgusting', said another. Then there was one guy who piped up: 'Wasn't that sickening to be honest. Was a bit grim, but not that bad' - yeah the Internet thinks you're a hard man now mate, nice one.

Anyway, point is I didn't think anything would top that video for weirdness, but earlier today I stumbled on something even worse. To be honest, it's a video so weird it feels more like something from a David Lynch film than something from reality.


A woman had a stone in her mouth. Emerging like that scene out of Alien - she decided to extract it. But not by using her hands like a normal person - no, she decided she'd use a doll to extract it.

Yeah that's right, some sick fuck decided to extract the 'salivary gland stone' from her tonsils using a fucking Barbie - and it's not just disgusting, it's fucking weird.

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Something Really Gross Has Emerged From A Bloke's Mouth And It's Like 'Alien'

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According to the NHS: "The stones are largely made of calcium, and most are smaller than 1cm in diameter, although they can range from being less than 1mm to as large as a few centimetres.

"Usually, a procedure is needed to have the stone removed, although it can sometimes come out of the mouth on its own, or after a bit of probing."

I can only speculate on how any individual would become so twisted that they did this. Maybe she was born that way? Maybe she's a product of society? All I can say is I wouldn't want to meet them walking down a dark alley.

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