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Check Out These New 'Clearest Ever' Pictures Of Area 51

Check Out These New 'Clearest Ever' Pictures Of Area 51

Dedicated alien hunters have released new images of Area 51, which look to be the clearest yet.

Area 51, deep in the Nevada desert, has been shrouded in mystery and the focus of plenty of conspiracy theories for years.


The closely guarded US air base is only open to those with top-level security clearance, leading conspiracy-theorists and alien hunters to wild speculation about what is Area 51 and what might be going on inside.

Now, two UFO and alien experts, Tim and Tracey have trekked to the top of the Tikaboo Peak to capture this amazing new footage, which gives a fantastic view of the mysterious spot in Nevada.

Tim Lee and Tracey Sue, who run the UFO Seekers YouTube channel and website, managed to get these new shots using a super-long-distance lens from around 25 miles away, meaning they didn't get moved on by security at the site. Clever.


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Area 51 is believed by some to be a meeting place for US officials and extra-terrestrials. One of the most popular theories is that the alien spaceship from the infamous Roswell UFO incident, which believers think crash-landed in 1947, is kept there.

Witnesses have also claimed to have seen UFO sightings above the base over the years.

Credit: ufoseekers/Youtube

Other theories claim that everything from teleportation and alien abduction to time travel goes on at the secretive base. But the US government has always remained tight-lipped, adding more fuel to theories and bizarre rumours.

Until 2013, the location was always kept top-secret - however, it was eventually released following years of freedom of information requests.

And since then UFO hunters have flocked to the site to try and get a glimpse of ET and his pals.

Unfortunately for them, the onsite security guards aren't in the habit of letting anyone in to take a look around. In fact, these new images are believed to be the clearest pictures yet.

Featured Image Credit: ufoseekers/Youtube

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