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Man Finds £11,000 Worth Of Cocaine Hidden Inside His Nesquik

Man Finds £11,000 Worth Of Cocaine Hidden Inside His Nesquik

He's now suing the supermarket.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Is there anything more disappointing than going to make yourself a delicious glass of Nesquik milkshake only to open the tub and find that some fool has shoved a bunch of cocaine in there? Ruins your day, every time.

This very same thing happened to a man in Spain who found 250g of the class A, worth about £11,000 (13,000 euros) in his tub of chocolate flavoured Nesquik.

Credit: Asda

The man, who lives in Zaragoza in north-east Spain, felt got suspicious when he got the tub home and found that the lid had been opened a bit. He took a closer look and found the package inside, the i reports.


Luckily for the unnamed man the cocaine was in addition to the chocolate powder, not instead of, so he could still make a milkshake. But a tasty milkshake isn't enough for the man, who is now reportedly suing the supermarket for the 'moral damage' he's been subjected to.

He's also a bit worried that the owners of the drugs might be looking for him. Scary.

His lawyer Francisco Javier Acín told El Mundo that his client was dealing with a 'lack of empathy' regarding the crime, with many people taking to social media to joke about the incident.

Spain's National Police unit is now investigating what could have happened; it's believed that the milkshake was tampered with in the supermarket.

So far the CCTV footage has not presented any suspect. But, if you ask me, this fella looks dodgy:

Time to hit the locker room for a Nesquik!

They can be a creative bunch, drug traffickers. And they're always coming up with more and more interesting ways to ship drugs in and out of the country.

One group attempted to smuggle a tonne of cannabis across the Mexican/US border by disguising it as carrots. Honestly, they did.

Convincing? Credit: US Customs and Border Protection

They wrapped up the drugs, which were worth $500,000, in orange tape in an attempt to fool border officials but were caught by drug dogs.

Jumping on to new technology, drones are used by smugglers to get drugs from A to B. Last year a British man, Daniel Kelly, was jailed for 14 months for attempting to smuggle Spice and tobacco into two prisons in Kent and Hertfordshire.

Credit: PA

It seems Daniel isn't alone, either, because the Press Association reported that there 33 incidents of people smuggling drugs into prisons using remote-controlled, and, of course there are only the ones that got caught.

Elsewhere a Colombian woman was arrested at Frankfurt Airport after she was found to be carrying 1kg of cocaine inside her breasts. Not her bra, her actual breasts.

The woman was searched by officials after complaining of severe pain, when carrying out the search it was noticed she had 'fresh operation scars' just under her boobs.

She eventually admitted what she had done and had the bags removed before any she came to any harm.

Credit: PA

Discussing the outlandish attempts some people make to smuggle drugs, a spokesperson for US Customs and Border Protection for New York and New Jersey told the Daily Mail: "Some of the more interesting concealment methods include narcotics concealed in prosthetic limbs, wheels on luggage made of heroin and cocaine and heroin secreted into book covers."

One person even attempted to make themselves into a sort of drug piñata - 'we caught one person at JFK who had inserted narcotics anally, vaginally and swallowed pellets,' he added. Jesus.

Featured Image Credit: Asda

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