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Man Secretly Recorded Hiring Hitman To Kill Partner

Man Secretly Recorded Hiring Hitman To Kill Partner

A former producer of The Bill, who tried to have his wife killed, told a 'hitman' she had to die as he was 'not getting any sex from her'.

David Harris, 68, offered an assailant £250,000 to murder his partner Hazel Allinson, 69, dead so he could be with his 28-year-old Lithuanian mistress Ugne Cekaviciute.


Harris was a location manager on ITV police drama The Bill but retired due to ill health in 2006 and was supported by his partner of 30 years.

However, he began a relationship with Cekaviciute lavishing her with gifts and running up considerable debt.

Watch him exposed by police in secret footage here...

Credit: City of London Police


He promised associate, Duke Dean, that his fee would come from the sale of her £800,000 house in the picturesque village of Amberley, near Arundel, West Sussex, however, Dean instead went to the police to set up the traps using an undercover officer.

Dean revealed to the Sun: "[Harris] was infatuated with Ugne and ready to sacrifice his partner for her.

"He was getting angrier about his partner, saying she had to die to give him the life he wanted.

"He asked me about chloroform. If I hadn't gone to police he would have poisoned her. I saved her life."

Harris met Dean through a friend after failing to convince two other hitmen to take the job.

During the case, Prosecutor William Boyce QC said Harris had showed Dean the Church attended by Ms Allinson, the place where she parked her car, the club she went to and the building where she sang in the choir.

Ugne Cekaviciute was Harris's mistress (Credit: Facebook)

Mr Boyce told the jury during the trial: "For more than 30 years he lived with his partner, Hazel Allinson, in London and then in Sussex.

"He found a new girlfriend, a much younger woman. Hazel Allinson had the money, he didn't.

"He wanted both the younger woman and the older woman's money.

"If he left her he thought he wouldn't get the money, and therefore he tried to arrange to have her murdered so he could have her money and the younger woman once she was dead."

Dean alerted police in November, when he realised Harris' wife was in 'imminent danger'. Harris was then snared by undercover cops, who recorded him confessing he was 'deadly serious' about a hit.

Harris was convicted of three counts of soliciting murder on Thursday and will remain in custody until his sentence on July 14.

Featured Image Credit: City of London Police

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Man Secretly Recorded Hiring Hitman To Kill Partner

Man Secretly Recorded Hiring Hitman To Kill Partner

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