Mike Tyson Joined The Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Celebrity Boxing Match

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Mike Tyson Joined The Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Celebrity Boxing Match

To recap this situation - last week Soulja Boy liked an Instagram picture (this pic) of Chris Brown's ex, Karreueche Tran. He left a couple of emoticons with the heart eyes.

Credit: Karrueche/Instagram

And so the fall out began. Who knew emoticons were that dangerous!


The 'Crank That' rapper (not sure what he's been doing ever since apart from this feud, to be honest), went on social media to diss Chris Brown who suggested a celebrity boxing match so he could give him "a grown man beating."

On the search for Chris Brown, Soulja Boy got mugged off by a bloke who wasn't in the mood for his shit.

Credit: Twitter/WashedBiz


It escalated further, as both Chris Brown's and Soulja Boy's mates stepped into the ring.

Floyd Mayweather got involved. He's not only training Soulja Boy but also promoting the fight as a pay-per-view live event. I suspect he smelled some MONEY in this weird situation - he might as well benefit from all this craziness, I guess.

50 Cent then got involved. He's promised to put a shit tonne of money on Chris winning (more than half a dollar).


Fiddy reckoned he could do one better than Soulja Boy and he has now roped in Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown. That's right - the Mike Tyson. Ear biter and well, a lot worse. Maybe he was a bit worried he was going to lose some serious money on Chris Brown or maybe he just wanted things to get heavy. Either way, this just got serious.

"Yeah, Soulja Boy's gonna get fucked up by a yellow n*****," Tyson has allegedly commented.

"Chris Brown yellow ass gon' fuck Soulja Boy up."


Snowballing. Let's see what happens next.

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: PA

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