Pakistani News Outlet Claims Trump Is A Citizen Of The Country

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Pakistani News Outlet Claims Trump Is A Citizen Of The Country

There were a number of bizarre conspiracies about Barack Obama when he was elected as the president of the United States, most notably that he was born in Kenya and not the States, which would make him ineligible to become leader of the country.

President-elect Trump was one of the main proponents of the theory Obama wasn't American, spending five years calling for him to make his birth certificate public.

He eventually admitted he was wrong in September, and apparently the shoe is now on the other foot, with a Pakistani news channel claiming that Trump was actually born in the country.

Watch the report here. Extra points if you can translate it...


Credit: Neo News

Neo News alleges that blonde-haired Trump was actually born in Waziristan in 1946 and his real name is 'Dawood Ibrahim Khan'. Seems legit.

The channel claims Trump lived there until 1955, when he was adopted by his American family, following the death of his Pakistani parents. The channel also showed a childhood picture of 'Trump in Pakistan' and claimed he was educated in the country.


In the report, aired last month, the reporter said: "Presidential candidate Donald Trump was born in Pakistan and not in America."

However, the news outlet added that they were not the original source of the story, so they might not have too much faith in it.

Featured image credit: Neo New

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