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'Selfish' Driver Defends Parking £16,000 Car Across Two Bays

'Selfish' Driver Defends Parking £16,000 Car Across Two Bays

A man publically shamed on Facebook group 'Parking Like a Tit' for plonking his car across two bays has defended his actions, saying he does it to protect his motor.

Luke Varley was called out after shopper Jessica Winder spotted his Vauxhall Astra positioned squarely in the middle of two spaces at Doncaster supermarket.

But Luke, 24, has hit back, saying he only does it because of the "amount of clowns who can't park or drive" who had previously damaged his four wheels and driven off without leaving a note.

Luke, a shop assistant, said: "I park like that every time if I am staying somewhere for any length of time. If I am nipping in a shop for a couple of minutes I might not do it, but if I know I'm going to be a while then I will do it.


"If there was a real shortage of bays available then I might not do it as I would see why people would get annoyed.

An example of another post in the 'Parking Like a Tit' Facebook group. Credit: Caters

"I can see why people get annoyed when they see it. Someone who just can't park properly is annoying but that's not what I'm doing."


He admitted that his parking technique, sometimes known as 'Clarkson Parking' after the Grand Tour presenter, has pissed off people in the past.

Luke added: "People complain at me and I tell them I have not put it in a disabled bay or anything and it's not harming anyone as there are spaces free anyway.

"I have had comment from people who say things to my face as I walk away from the car but I generally just ignore it. I'm not bothered about what they have to say.

"Parking like that does work. However, it does worry me as someone could be vindictive and deliberately scratch your car as friends have had that happen to them.


Luke posing in his motor £16,000 motor. Credit: Caters

"I usually try to park near CCTV cameras so that might put people off doing that."

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Mum-of-three Jessica, a 37-year-old cleaner, posted the image to social media when she spotted Luke's Astra, and said she understands why he does it but she does not condone it.


Jessica, also from Doncaster, said: "To be honest I have had my car scratched in car parks when parked in normal parking bays and if you own a posh car then I can see where they are coming from.

"But I wouldn't say it's a good idea. If everyone did that, it would be chaos.

"Someone could choose to get revenge on you if they think you're parking like that to be lazy. We are in Doncaster and there are some nasty people about.

"I think older people will definitely be more likely to take offence to it."


But this isn't the only example of dodgy parking we've featured here at TheLADbible...

Dodgy Parking

A bloke, who was parked not far from our office, found himself in a tight squeeze. Behind his car was a Audi, which he certainly did not want to hit, and in front of him was a Nissan Micra.

He'd been going a good five minutes before we arrived to document his perils and you can watch the hilarious video here...

And Imgur user Thunderbox666 posted an image online of a pretty funny letter offering to 'help' someone who had seemingly taken up far too much space after some terrible parking...

We're not sure if they were purposely parked in two bays, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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