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Spain Battered By Freak Storm With Hailstones The Size Of Golf Balls

Spain Battered By Freak Storm With Hailstones The Size Of Golf Balls

This is scary.

Before you complain about the quality of the Great British Summer, spare a thought for our pals over in Spain who have been hit by a freak hailstorm and lumps of ice the size of golf balls.

The shocker of a suntan spoiler is reported to have lasted around 45 minutes in the northern region of the country and was captured on film by one local.

Credit: Solarpix

The short clip shows the massive hailstones flying from the sky and hitting the deck with such force they bounce back off the ground.

Reports from local media claim cars were ruined in the storm, with windscreens smashed and bonnets dented. Try telling your insurance company that one.

There are also reports of sheep being killed by the giant lumps of ice. As yet there are no reports of people being injured in the storm.

Credit: Solarpix

Spain has been hit by a spate of inclement weather, with another storm earlier this month causing flash floods and heavy snow. It also resulted in the police and fire and rescue having to use snowploughs.

La forta calamarsada que ha caigut a Girona deixa la ciutat completament col•lapsada. Molts carrers inundats

Marta Madrenas, mayor of Girona, said the city had been through "a very complicated, unusual situation, as never before had been seen in the city."

Featured Image Credit: Solarpix

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