Steve-O Has Spoken Out About SeaWorld Ending Its Breeding Programme

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Steve-O Has Spoken Out About SeaWorld Ending Its Breeding Programme

Steve-O has had his word on SeaWorld after it ended its captivity breeding programme last week and its 'orca shows' were banned, delivering a big 'fuck you' to the company in a video filmed by news website TMZ.

The Jackass star has long protested against the controversial animal theme park.

He was given 30 days in jail for climbing a crane in a protest against SeaWorld last year. The 42-year-old inflated a large killer whale balloon with the words 'SeaWorld Sucks' on it and lit fireworks once he reached the top of the crane.


Video credit: TMZ

Since the premiere of the incredibly revealing documentary, Blackfish, back in 2013, SeaWorld has faced problem after problem. After increasing pressure, a dramatic drop in shares and attendance plummeting, California has now banned SeaWorld's killer whale shows and breeding programme.

Earlier this year, the park announced that it was to end the orca shows and last week Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill which effectively ends SeaWorld's orca breeding and performances in California.

The Associated Press has reported that bill SB389 outlaws corporations and individuals' rights to breed orcas in captivity and those who break the law can be fined up to $100,000. There are exceptions for 'educational institutions who intend to research the animals'.


According to Marketwatch, SeaWorld's shares have dropped over 62 percent since 2013, the same year that Blackfish was released.

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